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Gut Health and Brain Function....Managing Depression and Anxiety

The health of your microbiome, gut, is paramount for the health of your brain function. I can't emphasize enough the abundance of research that demonstrates much of a person's mental health can be traced to the health of their microbiome. What you eater matters, talk therapy alone with a therapist is not the cure, you must attend to your whole body and person to feel and function better. When I mention self care many persons think of going to the gym, taking a yoga class, meditating, or adding some "activity" to their schedule. Self care is not an event or activity that you add into your life. Self care is a lifestyle and intimate relationship with yourself. It has three main components: Physical Health, Emotional Health and Life Balance.

Self care means you attend to those three components on a daily basis. It means you cultivate a respectful and loving relationship with yourself that drives you to effortlessly nurture and nourish yourself. You understand that you are a part of an eco system and that your body is a system affected by the larger ecosystem. Your health depends on how you interact with the larger ecosystem and your microbiome flourishes or diminishes based upon your life habits. My favorite book with regards to self care is The Illustrated Self-Care Bible, Maintaining Positive Self-Care Including Physical Health, Emotional Wellness and Life Balance, by

various authors, edited by Rachel Newcombe, (Harper Collins, 2020). This daily practical guide illustrates how to shape your lifestyle to prioritize yourself with step-by-step advice for healing remedies, nutrition, mindfulness, exercise, massage, social wellness, workplace wellness and much more.

Tip: If you want to reduce generalized anxiety or depression, commit to better nutrition, exercise and self care with purpose. Many people are situationally depressed or anxious. Their life circumstances and how they perceive those circumstances in conjunction with how they behave in relation to the situation perpetuate the state of distress. They have the power to create a greater sense of well-being even in the most challenging of circumstances if you change your relationship with yourself.

Essential Domains needing your Attention:

  1. Social Wellness is having meaningful connections, a sense of belonging, inclusion,

  2. Mindful Communication, become aware of what lies beneath your words,

  3. Touch is critical for survival, touch more for well-being,

  4. Spatial Wellness, your personal domain should be a place of wellness, comfort and safety,

  5. Relationship to food and nutrition, understand where your food comes from and what foods will heal you,

  6. Medical Care, understand what western and eastern medicine can offer you, learn to understand prevention and better management of your medical needs,

  7. Sleep Hygiene, Bedtime routine is needed for healing on the cellular level,

  8. Learning to relax daily, slow down, be present, manage your thoughts,

  9. Practice forgiveness, and

  10. Connect with nature.


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