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Couples Therapy Abroad

Despite best intentions, conflict and other kinds of interpersonal struggle are a normal part of romantic relationships. Conflict is common, but not all couples manage their conflict effectively. Lack of skill in managing conflict can exacerbate frustration and resentment, and can lead to the erosion of feelings of closeness and connection. Relationships are important for providing comfort and emotional support so when connection is broken so is one's own sense of well being.

Couples choose to come for counseling with a wide range of goals. They may be hoping to repair broken trust, renew a sense of closeness, enliven sexual desire, navigate cultural differences, prepare for a more significant commitment, or end a relationship in the most respectful, least hurtful manner possible. Therapy is a safe space to allow a couple the ability to navigate such sensitive topics in a more sensitive and meaningful way with the guidance of a therapist.

In emotionally focused therapy the first step is to understand the nature of the relationship distress, second learn to navigate emotions and injuries to the bond, then strengthen the connection and repair injuries.

In some instances couples therapy is about discernment around the viability of the relationship or how to proceed with separation and grieving. Having a therapist assist you and your partner in navigating the viability or ending of a relationship can prove helpful in reducing unnecessary negative outcomes.


What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy or relationship counseling can help you at any stage of your relationship, regardless of marital status, age, race, faith, or sexual orientation.  Sessions are held weekly in a standing appointment for the duration of your decided upon treatment goals. Both partners attend the sessions together in what are called "conjoint" sessions. Occasionally, the therapist will request  to see each of you separately for a session or two in order to gain a deeper understanding of each individual's needs. Couples are often given homework to complete in-between sessions.


55min- Fees listed on FAQ page

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