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Family Therapy near me

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that is designed to reduce distress and conflict through the improvement of interactions between family members. Family counseling looks at problems as patterns or systems that need to be adjusted, rather than focusing on one person’s sole role in the problem.

There are many reasons persons seek family therapy, including: divorce, parent conflict, domestic violence, family substance abuse, grief, adoption, abuse, blended or step family adjustment, a child is having a problem with school, substance abuse or an eating disorder or a major trauma that has impacted the entire family.

We all start this life with a family, whether that family is composed of blood relatives, adopted parents, a close-knit neighborhood, or a foster family. This family that we acquire when we are born influences every aspect of our lives. It affects who we are and who we become. All families struggle at one time or another however; when things become dysfunctional for long periods of time it affects a families ability to connect not only to one another but to others as well.

Family therapy assist its members with repairing hurts, grievances, improved communication and healthier more functional relationships.

Family therapy can help you improve troubled relationships with your partner, children or other extended family members and is beneficial for helping families navigate situations that causes stress, grief, anger or conflict. It's especially helpful for teens and their caregivers. Sessions are held weekly in a standing appointment. Who attends each session may vary according to the family's issue.


55min  - Fees listed on FAQ page


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