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Expat Counseling near me

Expatriate Counseling

If you are an expatriate and are experiencing culture shock, relocation adjustment issues, burn out, loneliness, relationship or work problems, therapy can be of help.
It is easy to be unaware of the tremendous impact culture plays in our lives when surrounded by individuals who share the same assumptions and shared values. We may experience adjustment issues upon finding ourselves in a culture different from the one to which we are accustomed. Culture shock is a loss of emotional equilibrium when one relocates from one culture to an entirely different environment. Reverse culture shock is experienced when one returns to their home country after an extended stay abroad and has trouble readapting to their home country. This can often be more traumatic than initial culture shock in the new host country.
Fortunately, culture shock will pass with time, at which point one has achieved a balance of appreciation of everything old and new and emotional balance is restored.


50min - Fees listed on FAQ page


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