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English Speaking Therapist

Expat Therapy for Individuals,
Couples & 

Specializing in Emotional Focused and Attachment Based Therapy

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Laura Natusch, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Clinical Psychology & Systemic Psychotherapy

Feeling Misunderstood? Lost and Confused? Alone or Depressed?


I'm an American Expat living in Amsterdam and a native English speaking Therapist. I specialize in Emotional Focused and Attachment Based Therapy models for individuals & couples. These models are an attachment science-based approach. An interpersonal, process-oriented, and an emotionally-focused approach that works to develop or rebuild an emotionally secure individual or couple. 


If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or childhood trauma, I can help you gain self acceptance, deconstruct unhelpful thought patterns and move towards the well-being you want. ​

Are you couple and feel like your relationship has gotten to the point of no return? Emotional Focussed Therapy (EFT) is the gold standard for relationship therapy or marriage counseling and proven highly effective. 


Join me on a path to greater sense of emotional well- being by better understanding your core emotional needs and unhelpful narratives that block your potential.


I've been practicing full time since 2006 as a Clinical Fellow Member of AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy) a worldwide professional association meaning I meet the stringent training, education & licensing requirements to practice systems therapy.


I am also a member of the European Family Therapy Association and NIP Nederland's Instituut Psychologen #241912.

Couples therapy Amsterdam
expat therapy amsterdam

Help is here! Whether you are an individual experiencing a stressful event, a couple caught in conflict or a family feeling disconnected, I will assist you in relieving the distress. Depression and Anxiety are most often distorted thinking patterns in connection with environmental causes that are successfully alleviated with narrative or emotional focused therapy.

I provide international therapy services in person or via online at my office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If you would like more information, have specific questions about counseling or treatment services, I provide a free 20-minute virtual consultation by appointment.


To book a consultation please use the contact me form.

Mountain Ridge

About Forward Journeys...

The name Forward Journeys Counseling was chosen because I view the therapeutic process as a protected space that provides the opportunity to create momentum for emotional shifts moving individuals into a new perspective to better cultivate psychological well-being.

The journey of life is not a linear process but one with twists, turns, pauses, and sprints that propel one forward.

Creating a private practice in the Netherlands has allowed me to cultivate my own potential and global journey while assisting other expats in a way I find meaningful - therapy.


I believe in practicing evidenced-based therapies, specifically Emotional-Focused Therapy & Attachment-Based Family Therapy. I have extensive training in both models. If you are seeking someone who specializes in relational therapies for individual or couples counseling in Amsterdam, I can assist. I have also practiced in Germany, Japan and the USA.


If you are military personnel or a dependent seeking confidential off installation services, I can assist with global telehealth services! 
I look forward to working with you along your journey!

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